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The movements demanding real equality for Americans regardless of their skin color continue to force the media to review their copy. After Netflix or Apple TV +, it is the turn of the producers of the animated series The Simpsons to announce that they will no longer call on white actors to double the characters belonging to ethnic minorities. "We are moving forward," said the Fox studios on Friday.

Apu Nahasapeemapetilon conveys racist stereotypes

The announcement will notably concern a recurring character in the series launched in 1989, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, a grocer of Indian origin who owed his voice in American version to actor Hank Azaria. Last January, the white comedian had announced that, by mutual agreement with the production, he was abandoning this character who had also been accused for a long time of conveying racist stereotypes.

The change should also concern the character of Dr. Hibbert, a black man voiced by the white comedian Harry Shearer who also lends his voice to many other characters in the series: Mr Burns the boss of Homer Simpson, his neighbor Ned Flanders, the main Skinner… Mike Henry, a white actor who plays the black character of Cleveland Brown in “The Griffins” (“Family Guy” in original version), another series produced by Fox, has announced that he “renounces this role” .


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