Two elementary school teachers confirmed corona infection Primary school closed temporarily Koto-ku, Tokyo June 27, 16:06

It was confirmed that two female teachers working at a municipal elementary school in Koto-ku, Tokyo were infected with the new coronavirus. The ward inspected 12 people, including 4 children, as concentrated contacts, and temporarily closed this elementary school until the 6th of next month.

According to Koto Ward, it was confirmed that two female teachers in their 50s who worked at the same municipal elementary school were infected.

A few days ago, I had a fever and other symptoms, so I was tested and found that I was infected on the 26th. The route of infection is unknown at this time.

Two people are assisting class teachers and are not going to work after symptoms appear, but at the public health center, 4 children, 6 teachers, and 2 guardians, 12 people in total are concentrated contacts As a result, I did a PCR test on the 27th.

The ward sanitized the school and closed it from 29th to 6th next month. In Tokyo, infections of male teachers in their 30s have been confirmed at municipal elementary schools in Ota Ward on the 26th.