A policeman. (Illustration) - SEBASTIEN SALOM GOMIS / SIPA

A 35-year-old man died Thursday evening of his injuries in Bessans (Savoie), after being hit by an airgun during an altercation with a resident who complained of a night noise , we learned this Friday from the prosecution.

The drama was played out around midnight after a call to the gendarmes of the alleged author of the shooting for a noise on the public highway. When the soldiers arrived on the common ground where a game of pétanque was taking place, they found a man lying and seriously injured in the chest by the projectile of an airgun.


Despite first aid, the victim died as a result of his injuries. A local resident, forty years old, was immediately arrested and taken into custody for "murder", said the public prosecutor in Albertville, Anne Gaches.

"It was the noise that led the person in custody to alert the gendarmes and pushed him to leave his home to ask to make less noise. And that's when an altercation broke out during which the detained person fired with a defense weapon, "added Anne Gaches, adding that the hearings were" still in progress "to determine the exact circumstances of the drama.

The investigation brigade of the gendarmerie of Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne and the autonomous territorial brigade of Lanslebourg-Mont-Cenis were co-seized of the investigation. "The investigation will tell us what it is about the exact qualification to retain" against the resident, concluded the magistrate who will relinquish the case in the day on Friday for the benefit of the criminal court of Chambéry.


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