Surging News was informed that Mr. Chen Peiqiu, the leader in Chinese painting and calligraphy, died at three o'clock in the morning on June 26, 2020, at the age of 98.

  Chen Peiqiu, female, born in February 1923, born in Nanyang, Henan Province, with the word Jianbi, and the name of the room is Qiulan Room, Gaohua Pavilion and Jie Yuxuan. Chen Peiqiu is an adjunct professor at the School of Fine Arts of Shanghai University, a member of the Chinese Artists Association, an art consultant at the Shanghai Chinese Painting Academy, an art consultant at the Shanghai Artists Association, an art consultant at the Shanghai Calligraphers Association, and a director of the Xiling Seal Society. Winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award.

  Mr. Chen Peiqiu's achievements in flowers, birds, landscapes, brushwork and calligraphy have reached a considerable height, and he is reputed to be the pillow of Song Yuan and the fusion of Chinese and Western. In the early years, she used landscapes as the starting point. After the 1950s, she specialized in flowers and birds, with a beautiful and beautiful style, and a subtle and subtle style. In the 1990s, she explored the fine brushstrokes of green landscapes and absorbed the expression skills of light and color in Western painting. In her later years, the green landscapes were mostly written in colorful ink, which created a new style of Chinese painting combining color and ink. Her artistic creation has been between ancient and modern times, and she has achieved "the brush and ink should be at any time", which has been included in the history of modern Chinese painting, and has raised the achievements of Chinese female painters to a new level.

  Xie Zhiliu and Chen Peiqiu's son Xie Dingwei posted an obituary in the circle of friends at 8:46 this morning. He said sadly that he had just rushed home from the hospital at 8 am, and his mother’s unexpected death this morning was abrupt. Since the epidemic, she has not been behind closed doors, nor has she received any guests. She has been in good health recently, and she often works on creations.

  Chen Peiqiu is a calligrapher and calligrapher who has heard about the whole country. He is a banner in the maritime painting world. Starting with Song Yuan, her paintings can better absorb the strengths of each family, merge Chinese and Western cultures, and form a unique style. After China's reform and opening up, Chen Peiqiu has made new observations and feelings about the new things around him. In addition to still insisting on copying ancient paintings, she began to pay attention to Western art. Chen Peiqiu constantly changes her style. She appreciates the flashing colors and refined brushwork of Manet, Renoir and Degas, and refers to the traditional Chinese paintings of Impressionism. In the works of Chen Peiqiu's mature period, the impact of Western art and inventions are evident in landscape painting and color use.

  Xu Hanming, a disciple of Xu Bangda, wrote in his foreword: "After 1976, the country opened, and his wife's interest gradually moved to Huitong, China and the West, and reformed. For a time, like the French Impressionist masters Manet and Leroy, all were appreciated by his wife. Inspired by this, the painting environment has changed again and again, reinventing life and setting bold colors. Taste of landscapes such as "Songting Naliang", flowers and birds such as "Bijian Youxiu", "Cuizhu blue magpie", the writing is true Jing Shi, condensed and refined; the color is bright and bright, full and clear. The paintings are dripping with broad brushstrokes, and the brush is moist, slightly orthodox, don’t have merit."

  Chen Peiqiu believes that art creation is more "new" and "difficult". Her own artistic foundation is based on tradition, and her concept of innovation is relatively speaking: there is no new without old. She carefully studied the painting elements of traditional Chinese painting, using refined lines and traditional pen and ink, and using the colors used in Western painting to describe the texture, volume and dynamic of the scene. She believes that "new" is the accumulation of knowledge and skills, and the accumulation of experience and driving skills are time-consuming and laborious. This tortuous and difficult process is "difficult".

  Surging journalist Lu Linhan