It was in 2012 that the painting Ecce Homo in a church in Borja, Spain, was restored. The result was less successful, but viral, and the painting was renamed Apes jesus. Since then, several other works have faced similar treatment.

Now a copy of a famous painting by Baroque artist Bartolomé Esteban Murillo has been destroyed. A furniture restorer in Valenica received € 1200 to get the Virgin Mary clean and fresh. Unfortunately, despite the two attempts, it became quite strange on the purchase.

Now Spanish art conservators demand stricter laws in order not to destroy the cultural heritage. Fernando Carrera, professor at the Galician School of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage, believes the incidents highlight that similar jobs need to be done by trained restaurateurs.

- I don't think this man - or these people - should be referred to as restaurateurs. Frankly, they destroy things, Carrera tells The Guardian.