On July 16, Frank Evenblij starts with the new BNNVARA game show Quiz met Ballen . In the show, six teams with well-known Dutchmen compete for a place in the final of August 27.

The six teams, each consisting of three players, compete against each other in two groups. Former football players Anouk Hoogendijk, Pierre van Hooijdonk, Ronald de Boer and Arthur Numan are participants.

Andy van der Meijde and Ron Vlaar are also participating. In addition, other athletes such as Femke Heemskerk, Ellen Hoog and Fatima Moreira de Melo can be seen. The other players are Viggo Waas, Leo Alkemade, Peter Heerschop, Erik van Muiswinkel, Diana Kuip, Roué Verveer, Rayen Panday and Sofie van den Enk.

Presenter Evenblij calls the quiz "the best alternative for this footballless summer that seemed so promising". "We have questions about wonderful memories of European and World Championships and the craziest moments from the championships pass by."

Quiz met Ballen can be seen every Thursday at 9:30 PM from BNNVARA on NPO1 from 16 July.