Eight people of the fraud group arrested a lie phone at a residential residence in Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department June 25 18:21

Based on a house in Tokyo that was used as a private lodging, the Metropolitan Police Department went into a search for a house and scammed a fraud group while making a lie phone call.

Eight people were arrested, including Sugo Nakajima (29), who has an unspecified address and is unemployed.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, on the 24th, a woman in her 70s in Isehara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, impersonating a police officer, made a phone call and said, "The cash card is being used illegally, so we need to exchange it." It is suspected of fraud for defrauding three cards.

He was renting a house in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, which was used as a private lodging, as a base for making a lie phone call, and when the Metropolitan Police Department searched, he found many smartphones, rosters, and deceptive manuals inside That is.

Also, when I deposit the card from the victim, I said "I will not use it" so that I can trust it, and I made a notch with scissors in front of me, but in reality I made it usable for ATM It seems that cash was withdrawn illegally after that.

The Metropolitan Police Department has not disclosed whether or not the charges have been admitted, saying that it will interfere with the investigation.