Sharon Choi (Choi Sung-jae), who was called'Bong Joon-ho's mouth' in the Oscar race of the movie'The Parasite,' was released. It is known that she worked as an interviewer for Korean American actor Sandra Oh.

Online video streaming service Watchchaplay announced on the 25th that Sharon Choi and Sandra Oh, the star of'Killing Eve', met with interviewers. This meeting was celebrated to commemorate the exclusive release of Season 3 of the Watcher Exclusive series'Killing Eve'.

'Killing Eve' is a comic obsession chasing the information agency staff Eve who wants to be a spy agent and psychopath killer Villanell, who has 99.9% job satisfaction, is attracted to each other. It was evaluated as a fresh spy that had never been seen before.

Korean-American Hollywood actress Sandra Oh, who played the role of Eve, received attention as an icon to lead change by holding the actress in the Golden Globe TV category.

Watchchaplay released video interviews of Sharon Choi and Sandra Oh, raising fans' expectations for'Killing Eve' Season 3.

"I started to subscribe to Whatcha Play to watch'Killing Eve,'" said Sharon Choi, a longtime fan of Phoebe Willerbridge and Sandra Oh, one of the authors and responsible producers of Season 1 of "Killing Eve." When she told Korea that there were many fans who cherished'Oh, Killing Eve', Sandra Oh thanked many fans who loved'Killing Eve' saying, "I am so happy to see'Killing Eve' in Korea". Conveyed.

In season 3, Sandra makes a dumpling behind Koreans in Korean restaurant in New Malden, a Korean town in England. “The season 3 starts very quietly, and Eve chose Korean town as a space to heal from physical and mental wounds,” said Sharon Choi, a Korean fan. "Is it meaningful?" "I'm so happy that everyone else asked me about the point I missed," Sandra continued, responding with a touching expression. "The Korean town should be viewed as not a place where Eve lives a pathetic life, but a place where calmness and anonymity are presupposed, a place where he can control himself," he said. When first-time writer Susan Hiscott of Season 3 suggested working in a factory, she also recounted resolutely and told anecdotes that Eve suggested'a space with food and mother tongue that she ate as a child', where she could feel calm.

Subsequently, Sharon Choi, who said that the story of Eve and Villanell seemed to be "a story of love that could not be achieved," wondered how the relationship between the two would progress this season. Sandra says that she wants you to enjoy the magical journey of building a character with Jodie Comer, and when you watch Season 3 of'Killing Eve', I hope you can focus on how Eve and Villanell develop each other's ambiguous and dramatic relationship. Did not forget.

In addition to the story of'Killing Eve', Sharon Choi and Sandra also talked about racial discrimination triggered by the death of George Floyd, gender discrimination within the film industry, the expansion of female filmmakers' bases, and self-reflection in the corona era. Went out. "It's hard to change the situation with good will or good policies," said Sandra. "True changes follow when we can truly change each of our thoughts through internal reflection." In particular, Sandra Oh, who thought a lot about thinking while watching Oscar-winning director Bong Joon-ho, said, "I saw the freedom of Koreans who grew up in Korea, and who never grew up in a racist society as a minority." Added.

Interviews on various topics ended in a friendly atmosphere, skipping the scheduled time. "I want to visit Korea someday," said Sandra Oh, and pledged to meet Sharon Choi in Korea.

(Reporter Ji-hye Kim, SBS funE)