A few days after their arrival with the rescue ship Sea-Watch 3 in Sicily, 28 out of 211 migrants on board were tested positive for the corona virus. This was confirmed by the Sicilian regional president Nello Musumeci. The migrants were housed on the quarantine ship Moby Zazà , which lies off Porto Empedocle in Sicily. Sicily's regional president, Nello Musumeci, also confirmed the infections.

The ship of the German aid organization Sea-Watch had entered the port in Sicily at the weekend. Since the Corona crisis, migrants from rescue ships in Italy have been quarantined on other ships for two weeks. Where the migrants became infected and where they come from was initially unknown. All but one are asymptomatic, Italian media reported.

Regional President Musumeci pointed out on Facebook that on April 12 he pressed to put people on the ship first, "to prevent epidemics from spreading across the island without us being able to contain and control them." In the meantime, his demand is "better understood" and those "who almost accused us of racism realize that we were right".

Rescued by three different boats

People had been rescued by three different boats in the past week. A Sea Watch spokeswoman said the agency had not yet been officially informed by the authorities about the Corona cases.

Italy and Malta had declared themselves unsafe ports in the corona pandemic. However, the Sea Watch  3 had received Sunday approval from the Italian authorities to moor in Sicily within 48 hours after rescuing a total of 209 refugees.

Despite the pandemic, migrants are moving from Libya to Europe. Human rights organizations criticize the fact that the EU is also helping to bring people back to the civil war-torn country of Libya, where they are at risk of serious abuse.