Sinonews Hohhot, June 24 (Uyana Aolan) On the afternoon of the 24th, the Public Security Department of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region held the "2020 June 26th International Anti-Drug Day Theme Press Conference". The reporter learned at the scene that in the past three years, Inner Mongolia has cracked 3161 drug criminal cases, arrested 4106 drug suspects, seized 227.6 kg after drug conversion, and seized 24828 drug addicts.

  According to statistics, the number of drug addicts in Inner Mongolia decreased from 39,571 in 2016 to 27,283, a total of 12,288, a drop of 31.1%. The proportion of existing drug users in the total population of the district has dropped from 1.5‰ to 1.1‰.

  According to the materials provided by the Inner Mongolia Public Security Department, after the continuous crackdown and high pressure, the trend of drug criminal cases in Inner Mongolia has been clearly contained, and the drug abusers have shrunk significantly. In particular, in 2019, Inner Mongolia highlighted the effectiveness of the drug problem management, and achieved "zero occurrence" of drug-related accidents, "zero planting and zero production" of original drug plants, and "zero loss" of precursor chemicals, within the scope of the autonomous region. There are six zero achievements in the "zero drug control" of Russia's "zero outflow" of new psychoactive substances in Russia.

  "Our district is facing the same risk challenge as the nation's drug rebound." Zhao Jinghua, political commissar of the Inner Mongolia Anti-Drug Corps, said that while affirming his achievements, he should also be soberly aware of the complex drug situation facing Inner Mongolia. "One is that the potential demand for drugs is still strong. The second is that the multi-channel penetration of drug crimes is increasing. The third is that the risk of penetration of drug-making crimes in our area still exists. The fourth is the resurgence of the phenomenon of using domestic ephedra to produce methamphetamine. The fifth is the diversification of drug trafficking. Characteristics. Sixth, the pressure on drug crimes involving Russia and Mongolia is not reduced." (End)