Chen Jianbin Li Yitong's new play staged "Forgetting Love"

  Newspaper (Reporter Li Xiazhi) just said goodbye to the retired old policeman "Big Back" in Trident Li Yitong staged a "forgetting love".

  In the play, the successful entrepreneur Li Honghai played by Chen Jianbin unexpectedly met the designer Xia Keke played by Li Yitong. Li Honghai wanted to find true love that was not money, so he concealed his identity and pretended to be a bun shop owner. The twists and turns gradually after the two married, he found that Xia Keco already knew his net worth, angrily filed for divorce. But for the company to go public, the two had to maintain their husband and wife status for several months...

  In the story, Li Honghai and Xia Keke talked about a relationship that spans age and class after the 70s and 90s. Coincidentally, Chen Jianbin and Li Yitong also happened to be in the 70s and 90s. In interpreting this 20-year-old love, Chen Jianbin felt that there was not much challenge. He believes that age differences are not as important as geographical differences. In his view, Li Honghai is pure in heart, wealth has not changed his kind and simple nature, he can give up status and property for true love, and get along with the people he likes.

  There is also a "mysterious guest" in the play, Pan Yueming plays Li Honghai's legal adviser Mo Heng, and is also a friend of Li Honghai. This is also the first time that Chen Jianbin and Pan Yueming have collaborated. At the shooting scene, the two of them had a perfect understanding from the beginning of the first scene.

  The play will soon land on the Golden Theater of Oriental Satellite TV.