More than a month after the start of a largely relaxed deconfinement, the coronavirus pandemic is not yet behind us, reminds doctor Jimmy Mohamed on Tuesday at the microphone of Europe 1. He calls on the French not to release too quickly their efforts, stressing that a second wave can still hit France. 

"We are coming out of the greatest health crisis of the century, and sometimes, we have the impression that nothing has happened." The warning from Doctor Jimmy Mohamed is clear: the coronavirus epidemic is not yet behind us. Be careful, he says, not to slacken our efforts too quickly, and not to throw masked oblivion, social distancing and barrier gestures. "A mask, yes, it's annoying, but it saves lives," he reminded Tuesday at the microphone of Europe 1.  

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Jimmy Mohamed finds "disturbing" the images of young Parisians celebrating the Fête de la Musique in a few crowded streets of the capital. "Obviously in outdoor spaces the risk is less important than in enclosed spaces. But the Sunday scenes are worrying. Hopefully they will not have consequences," he said. With the incubation time of the virus, you have to wait between two and three weeks before having the answer. "Be careful not to declare victory too quickly ..."

"The constraints of barrier gestures are light"

The pandemic continues to progress, he recalls, the southern hemisphere continues to burn. "Compared to the 30,000 French dead, the constraints are slight: wear a mask outside, and respect barrier gestures." Jimmy Mohamed calls to "especially not" resume the kiss, the handshakes and the hugs, between adults at least. In consultation, he says, the doctor again diagnoses angina, gastro and flu. "This means that barrier gestures are not respected enough", since viruses are able to circulate. 


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"We have the impression that the Covid-19 is no longer in circulation because the hospitalization figures have dropped very sharply. But there are still positive people, and few symptomatic," he warns. "Let’s not relax our vigilance too quickly."