Chiba Prefecture, elementary and junior high school sisters, total of 3 female high school students infected New Corona June 23, 17:36

Chiba Prefecture announced that three sisters, an elementary school student and a junior high school student living in Ichikawa City, and a female high school student living in Urayasu City were confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus. The total number of infected people in the prefecture was 926.

According to Chiba Prefecture, the infection was confirmed to be in elementary school girls under 10 years old living in Ichikawa City, sisters of teenage middle school girls, and in Urayasu City to attend private high schools in the prefecture. There are 3 girls high school students in total.

Of these, the sisters of elementary school and junior high school students were siblings of a male high school student who had been infected on the 22nd, and as a result of having been tested for viruses as concentrated contacts, the infection was confirmed on the 23rd. Both were asymptomatic and their parents were negative.

In addition, high school students in Urayasu City had symptoms such as a fever of 38 degrees, sore throat, abnormal taste and smell after 17th of this month, and infection was confirmed on the 22nd. I was going to high school until the 19th of this month. The infection route is unknown.

With this, a total of 926 people were confirmed infected in Chiba Prefecture.