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The Covid-19 hits obese people harder, according to a study by the Lille hospital center, released in April. The issue of weight is important in this disease. But not only that: an important weight increases the risks of cancers and cardiovascular diseases.

Pay attention to its weight, yes! Losing pounds in a sustainable way, that is the question… The doctor and nutritionist Frédéric Saldmann, author in particular of One is never better treated than by oneself (Plon, 19.90 euros) gives you today some advice and health reminders, while confinement favored a sedentary lifestyle.

Among the victims of Covid-19, he first notices the importance of weight in the severity of the disease. “It was observed that the subjects who were in intensive care or who died had, for 80% of the cases, a common point which is the excess weight. Being overweight often leads to diabetes and hypertension which are co-morbidities associated with Covid. "

No "miracle food" in diets

While "95% of people who try to lose weight gain weight", underlines Frédéric Saldmann, he explains that he is "very interested in what we can offer to lose weight in a sustainable way. Among other advice, he notes that some diets incorporating a cake can be beneficial on weight, because "it takes away the feeling of frustration that takes away the urge to snack." "

Refusing the idea of ​​a "miracle food" proposed in many diets, the successful nutritionist recalls that "good food is to eat diverse and varied". For example, he recommends avocados, which do not cause digestive inflammation compared to other fatty foods.

Frédéric Saldmann finally advises to resume exercise, especially if it was abandoned during confinement, and this for "at least 30 minutes a day without stopping". He believes that exercise should be a habit, like washing your teeth daily.

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