The psychologist and sex therapist Ulrich Clement (left) and Sven Stockrahm (right) in a video chat © left: Andreas Nest, right: Alberto Orduña Pedraza

When love is cheating: The right way to deal with affairs - that is the title of one of Ulrich Clement's books. The psychologist and perhaps Germany's most influential sex and couple therapist is our guest for a second time. And shares his thoughts on affairs, demands on partnerships and what really strengthens love. Clement explains what makes it easier to have sex with someone else, what trust means, and why it can be good and bad news that sex changes for a lifetime. 

The questions - including those of our listeners - are asked by Melanie Büttner, a doctor and sex therapist, and Sven Stockrahm, Vice President for Knowledge and Digital at ZEIT ONLINE.

Further information

  • Everything about our guest, the sex therapist, psychologist, coach and author Ulrich Clement, can be found on his website
  • Romance and eroticism - is that possible in a relationship in the long run? In his book When Love Cheats On , Clement writes about how couples can deal with affairs, open relationships and infidelity.
  • What if everything is right in the partnership, only the sex is somehow boring? Clement writes about this in his book Good Sex Despite Love.
  • In the video series and the online course Life Lessons , Clement opens his practice together with psychologist Joana Kauer and filmmaker Ardalan Aram. The project shows openly and comprehensively how sex therapy works today and what everyone can take with them.
  • In the ZEIT-ONLINE series Relationships , Clement has already answered many questions about partnership, sex and love in the past.

More about the sex podcast

Is porn addictive? What is good sex? And what if it doesn't work out during sex? The sexual therapist and doctor Melanie Büttner talks about this every two weeks on Mondays with Sven Stockrahm, the deputy head of knowledge and digital at ZEIT ONLINE. © Alberto Orduña Pedraza

  • What is good for sex is different for everyone. What is normal, too. But how do I recognize my needs and desires during sex? Melanie Büttner and Sven Stockrahm clarify this together with Alina Schadwinkel in their book Is this normal? Let's talk about sex the way you want it .
  • Together they read from it, quizzed with viewers and, among other things, presented special porn sites. You can find a recording on YouTube.
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