, Beijing, June 22 (Chen Hang) As of 24:00 on June 21, the Beijing Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Commission investigated 435 projects in 16 districts of the residential construction system (this is not the case in Pinggu District). 743 people, contacted 879 people from Xinfadi food delivery personnel or other personnel, a total of 1622 people, has now completed nucleic acid detection. At present, there are 3 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in construction sites in Beijing, involving 2 construction sites. It has been dealt with in time in accordance with the relevant districts and disease control departments in accordance with the requirements. The relevant construction sites have adopted closed management measures and the situation is stable.

  Ding Sheng, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Committee, mentioned the above at the press conference on the 22nd.

  In response to the current epidemic prevention and control situation in the city's housing construction system, the Beijing Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Committee has continuously issued emergency notices to refine and improve the construction site epidemic prevention and control measures. There are several aspects:

  One is to strictly implement the "four-party responsibility", put forward three "persistent", insist on "timely discovery, rapid disposal, precise control and effective treatment", adhere to "three prevention" "four early" and "nine strict", insist on taking the most determined, The most decisive and rigorous measures are to make thorough investigations, thorough inspections, and thorough inspections.

  The second is to strengthen the fine-grained epidemic prevention and control on the construction site, propose three “strict”, strictly implement the closed management measures on the construction site, and temporarily prohibit the entry and exit of engineering projects with close contact with personnel in the new development site; strictly implement the entry and exit temperature measurement registration system, Persons with abnormal body temperature are not allowed to enter the construction site; in strict accordance with the fifteen measures under the second-level response and relevant prevention and control guidelines, the office, dormitory, canteen, toilet, shower room and other indoor places shall be regularly ventilated and disinfected, focusing on pigs, beef and mutton, etc. Check the incoming inspection of food ingredients to ensure that the source can be traced back.

  The third is to strengthen the inspection of key personnel. It is emphasized again that the inspection and screening personnel should include the participating construction units on the construction site (construction units, supervision units, general contractors, professional contractors, professional subcontractors, labor subcontractors, etc.) All personnel. On the basis of the "exhaustive inspection" of nucleic acid detection of 10 types of personnel, perform nucleic acid detection for personnel who have visited the new development site (agricultural product center wholesale market, international aquatic city, daily necessities market and other key areas) since May 30 Full coverage, and expand the detection range as needed.

  The fourth is to strengthen the health monitoring of key personnel such as canteen chefs, side dishes, purchases, services, cleaning, and security, and find any abnormalities in a timely manner.

  Fifth, cooperate with the construction site flow control work. After an epidemic occurs on the construction site, the project participating unit should actively cooperate with the local health and disease control department to do a good job in the epidemiological investigation of all personnel on the construction site, and report the action track and contact comprehensively and truthfully Personnel and physical condition to ensure that one person is not missed in the screening.

  Ding Sheng mentioned that June has always been the peak period of the construction industry. In view of the recent confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia on the construction site, combined with the characteristics of high personnel density on the construction site and difficulty in prevention and control, it will take responsibility and continue to exert efforts , Strictly prevent and control, and do our best to prevent and control the epidemic situation on the construction site. (Finish)