The unsuccessful restoration of the Ecce Homo de Borja by Cecilia Giménez went around the world in 2012. But this is not a unique case, since this type of inappropriate intervention on artistic heritage is more frequent than it seems and they cause "irreversible changes" in some works.

An example has just been suffered by a private collector from Valencia, who commissioned a restorer of furniture and other pieces such as mirrors for around 1,200 euros to clean a copy of one of Murillo's famous Inmaculadas. His surprise was capital when, when he returned the piece, he saw that the face was completely disfigured and that, in addition, it bore a disturbing resemblance to the unclassifiable Ecce Homo de Borja.

When asking the author of the 'restoration' for explanations, he tried to 'solve' the problem, but the result of the work has been an image that has nothing to do with the original. Now, the collector has contacted another specialist, this one trained for this work, who will try to rehabilitate the work, says the owner, speaking to Europa Press.

The vice-president of Internal Relations and coordinator of the Professional Association of Conservative Restorers of Spain (ACRE), María Borja, explains that aberrations like this are "unfortunately much more frequent than you think."

"We only know the cases that society denounces through the press or social networks, but there are a multitude of situations where the works are intervened by people without training. The works undergo this type of non-professional intervention, and can cause change irreversible, "he says.

On whether regulatory changes are necessary to avoid this work intrusion, this spokeswoman points out that the profession of conservative restorer is not regulated, so this is one of ACRE's fundamental objectives. Discipline does not appear in Law 4/1998, of June 11, on the Valencian Heritage, "since at no time is it specified who is to intervene in a Property of Cultural Interest, whether movable or immovable", he stresses.

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