The Slovenian police have found a total of 22 migrants in two tanker trucks. The people come from Bangladesh, India, Turkey and Syria, the police said. Initially, officials found 13 people in a tanker truck on the Croatian border on Saturday and then examined a second vehicle from the same company and discovered more people. The authority said that they could have suffocated in the food-grade vehicles with Serbian registration plates.

According to the EU border protection agency Frontex, in May 2020 three times as many people tried to enter the EU illegally as in the previous month. Thousands are currently trying to get to Western Europe via the Balkans. Due to the strict border controls, they are often dependent on smugglers, which often means additional dangers. Smugglers are more likely to attempt to illegally transport people hidden in trucks across national borders.

Most recently, 26 suspected smugglers were arrested at the end of May 2020. They are said to have been part of an organization that illegally brought people from Southeast Asia to Europe. The British police had found 39 dead migrants from Vietnam in a refrigerated truck in October.