On June 20, the Tibetan Mud Bridge in Gacha County, Tibet Autonomous Region successfully closed. On the same day, the key iconic project of the Lhasa-Linzhi section of Sichuan-Tibet Railway ("Lalin Railway") constructed by Tibet Railway Construction Co., Ltd. and undertaken by China Railway Guangzhou Engineering Bureau Group Co., Ltd. was the cast-in-situ master of the Zhamu Yarlung Zangbo River Double Line Bridge Liang has successfully joined the dragon. So far, the main works of 120 bridges on the entire Lalin Railway have been completed. The Zangmu Bridge is located in the upstream reservoir area of ​​the Zangmu Hydropower Station, across the Yarlung Zangbo River. The total length of the bridge is 525.1 meters, the main arch span is 430 meters, and the bridge site is 3350 meters above sea level. It is currently the world's highest and largest span steel pipe concrete arch bridge, and it is also the first "one span across the river" railway bridge on the Yarlung Zangbo River. China News Service reporter He Penglei

Release time: 2020-06-20 17:27:10 [Editor: Tian Bochuan]