Patrick Sébastien at the Telethon in December 2016 - SADAKA EDMOND / SIPA

He will soon be turning the beach towels. Patrick Sébastien granted an interview to the Parisian following the publication of his new book entitled I moved the elephant . During his interview, the former host of France 2 said more about his upcoming projects.

In addition to the theater, a new album and the declination of the World's Biggest Cabaret on stage, Patrick Sébastien also said that he will soon be on TF1. "I will also be playing at the end of August in an episode of Camping Paradis  ! I have never been better. I am free, ”he said.

According to information from Puremédias , the filming of Camping Paradis will resume on August 17. Impacted by the coronavirus, the series will be able to relaunch the boxing of six new episodes. Fans will not have to wait long before finding Tom Delormes since an unreleased number of the TF1 fiction will be broadcast on Monday, July 6.

Two documentaries on his career on C8

In his interview with Le Parisien , Patrick Sébastien explains that the pill to oust him from France 2 has long since passed. "It was not stopping, but the foul method. They wanted to punish me, but it was the people who liked my shows that they punished. I have fond memories and a feeling of a job well done, ”he said.

For the presenter, who believes that he has had his day, the small screen is behind him. "It is a world that is no longer for me. On TV today, you bring a project and guys in offices censor you. I don't spit on that TV, but it's not mine. If he does not play the role of host, we will find Patrick Sébastien after the return to C8 for two documentaries devoted to his career.


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