Beijing News (Reporter Wu Tingting) Today (June 20), the reporter learned from the relevant departments that the Beijing Express brother and takeaway rider will carry out all batches of nucleic acid testing. It is expected that all practitioners will complete the test next week.

  The reporter learned from SF Express that yesterday (June 19) evening, the courier brother arrived in batches at various nucleic acid testing points in various districts of Beijing to receive nucleic acid testing. Meituan also released news on its WeChat public account last night that riders who had orders for high-risk areas suspended orders, received nucleic acid tests and were isolated at home for 14 days. In addition, according to the government's prevention and control requirements, nucleic acids will be tested on riders throughout the Beijing area. On the basis of the original epidemic prevention management, strengthen the frequency of disinfection of the rider’s meal box and increase the frequency of spot checks for wearing masks. In the upgraded version of its APP, users will be able to gradually check the nucleic acid detection of merchants and riders. Related functions are under urgent development and are expected to be fully launched in Beijing next week.

  The reporter confirmed from the relevant departments in Beijing, some courier companies and takeaway companies that the express brothers and takeaway riders in Beijing all received nucleic acid testing and unified requirements for the prevention and control of the Beijing epidemic. The notice was issued the day before yesterday. The batch is subject to nucleic acid testing and is expected to be completed next week.