The Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo partially reopened on June 4. The spa reopens on June 20 after three months of closure imposed by the epidemic. - C. Allain / 20 Minutes

  • After having reopened its spa and three-star stars, the group of Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo will reopen its spa and Grand Hotel this weekend.
  • The establishment saw its book of reservations fill up quickly these last days.
  • Social distancing measures have been taken in luxury establishments, already used to offering space to their customers.

"It's strange to see the empty building like this, it looks like a ghost hotel". By strolling the lightless corridors of the Grand Hôtel des Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo, Véronique Le Gall realizes the strangeness of the situation. For three months, the director of public relations of the largest thalasso in France has seen her establishment be deserted. With confinement, all the hotels in the group had to close and the balneotherapy pools saw their water smooth on the surface. Since March 15, no spa visitor has been able to set foot in the sea water of the luxurious complex. The coronavirus epidemic having slowed down, the Raulic family which holds the reins has gradually reopened its establishments. On Saturday, the 25,000 m² of the Grand Hotel and its thalassotherapy center will be the last children in the group to be "deconfined".

"We could have reopened earlier but we wanted to fill out the reservations book first," says Serge Raulic. Since taking over the case in 1981, the owner of the premises had never experienced such an episode. At the time of deconfining his establishment, he admits having had fears of not seeing the activity restart. “A month ago, we had no visibility. Honestly, I did not expect such a rapid recovery ”, continues Serge Raulic. Three days before reopening, the imposing establishment is ready for an "almost normal" summer. “We received 650 calls in one day yesterday. During confinement, we were rather at 40 calls and it was to postpone or cancel stays, “adds the director of public relations.

"I can assure you that I missed it"

Little affected by the epidemic, Brittany is advancing as one of the flagship destinations of the French summer. After two months of confinement and restrictions, the welfare sector could be the big winner in deconfinement. “This period was worrying. Many people who suffered could not be treated. There is impatience, ”says Serge Raulic. "I come here three times a week. I can assure you that I missed it. It's a pleasure to come back, ”concedes a man leaving the Aquatonic spa, which reopened a fortnight ago.

The patron of the thermal baths of Saint-Malo Serge Raulic, here on June 17, 2020. - C. Allain / 20 Minutes

To welcome its customers, the Malouine thalassotherapy center had of course to adapt to health measures and in particular to social distancing. But in this 5-star establishment, space was already part of luxury. “Our spa covers 5,000 m² and we welcome a maximum of 320 spa guests per day. We have strengthened cleaning procedures, introduced traffic directions and floor markings. Hygiene is part of our fundamentals, we are not turned upside down, ”says the CEO. Accustomed to welcoming 25,000 spa guests per year, the Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo will not do as well in 2020. But listening to their boss, they should not drink a cup.


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