Corinne Fesseau and her rooster Maurice - Corinne Fesseau / Facebook

Mauritius, the famous singing rooster erected as a symbol of rural traditions in the face of urbanization, died of illness, its owner announced on Thursday on the island of Oléron (Charente-Maritime).

"He died of coryza last month during confinement. We found him dead at the foot of the chicken coop, we did everything we could, ”explained Corinne Fesseau, the owner of the 6-year-old animal, who has been sick for months.

His death dates back to the beginning of May, but the owner, "very sad", preferred to wait until the end of confinement to announce it, then judging that "the Covid was more important than my rooster. "

"Mauritius was an emblem, a symbol of rurality, a hero"

"Maurice was an emblem, a symbol of rural life, a hero," praised Corinne Fesseau, who buried him in his garden. Last summer, his rooster had been at the center of a legal conflict, launched by the neighbors who complained about his morning cocorico. Justice had finally authorized the rooster to continue to sing.

The affair had become a symbol of the conflicts between "natives" and newcomers, while country noises and scents have since found themselves at the center of various nuisance disputes.

The dispute, relayed by the international press, had coincided with a media campaign for the defense of the sounds and smells of rural areas, which notably led the deputies to vote in January a bill introducing the concept of "sensory heritage" of the campaigns in French law.


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