Governor and others propose to strengthen medical and inspection system in preparation for the second wave of the new Corona 21:12 on June 18

In preparation for the second wave of new coronavirus infection, the prefectural governor and about 110 economic and medical experts recommend that Japan should strengthen its medical and testing posture by the fall of this year. I summarized it.

This proposal was announced by Keiichiro Kobayashi, Research Director of the Tokyo Institute for Policy Research, who is a member of the Government Advisory Committee, and Governor Yuzaki of Hiroshima Prefecture, who held an online press conference.

The recommendation suggests that "it is necessary to avoid passive reaction such as going out of business or repeating corporate leave, and to clearly show an "active infection control strategy" that is compatible with recovery of economic and social activities." ..

On top of that, he says that while strengthening the system for providing medical care, the capacity of PCR testing should be strengthened to 200,000 cases per day, which is equivalent to that of major countries, by November.

Mr. Kobayashi said in an interview, "If we can detect it early, we can prevent it from becoming serious. We would like to aim for a balance between human life and economy by actively expanding inspections."

In addition to 14 prefectural governors, about 110 people, including Professor Nobuya Yamanaka of Kyoto University, who received the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology, and experts in economics and medical care, are among the supporters.

The recommendation is that it will be submitted to the government soon.