The Mucem collected the objects of the daily life of the French during the confinement and could expose them soon. The Louvre Museum will reopen its doors on July 6, provided that you have booked in advance and that you respect health rules such as wearing a mandatory mask from 11 years old. Five men attempted to remove from its base a 19th century Bari funerary pole which was on display at Quai Branly. The Cinémathèque Française will open on July 15 after four months of closure.

The Culture Journal begins with the objects of containment collected by the Mucem. 

The large national museum located in Marseille had launched an appeal to collect objects of confinement, those of the daily life of the French. The collection took place from April 20 to May 31 and it is now time to sort it out. They received 580 testimonies and objects. For example, banners. Objects that were used for applause at 8 p.m., school exercise books at home, an old man sent the photo of a packet of rusk since for him confinement was to feed the birds each morning. The Museum's director of collections explains that many objects represented solitude or bond. And then the middle school students send photos of their game console. So there may be an exhibition but the Mucem wanted to keep track of this rather unique period. Mucem will mainly conduct interviews with those who sent their objects. Several countries have also collected objects of confinement, such as in London, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland. A joint exhibition could be envisaged. 

Reservations for the Louvre open tomorrow. 

The largest museum in the world in terms of attendance opens again on July 6. Obviously it is being prepared. It will absolutely be necessary to book online to get there and take a lot in advance for reservations. The official online ticket sales websites and the Fnac network will also sell tickets for the museum. To enter, you must be masked, except children under 11 years old. Several circuits will be signposted. There will be a traffic direction for example to go to see the Mona Lisa obviously. The whole museum will not be open, but more than 60% of the 45,000 m2 will be accessible. French sculpture from the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the lower level of the Arts of Islam and the second floor of French paintings from Northern Europe will remain closed. For guided tours, there will be no more than 25 people. A helmet will also be worn in addition to the mask. 

Let's go to the Quai-Branly Jacques Chirac Museum, it has just opened and an attempted theft has taken place.

Five men tried to tear from its base a 19th century Bari funerary pole, it is an African work. The men filmed themselves after entering the museum and one of them presents himself as a national of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The five men explain their gesture by saying "we have decided to recover this property which belongs to us, these goods were stolen from us during the colonization". They repeated this sentence several times to the guards. They acted in the name of the dispossession of Africa. Franck Riester, the Minister of Culture, reacted by affirming "If the debate on the restitution of works from the African continent is perfectly legitimate, it can in no case justify this type of action". He strongly condemned this act. It should be remembered that the Musée du Quai Branly has the main collection of early African art. 

The Cinémathèque Française reopens this summer.

It will be July 15 at 11 a.m. after four months of closing. On the program, there will be the Louis de Funes exhibition which was to take place in the spring. A workshop will be open to young people to learn how to film "a gag". There will also be a screening of "Neither seen nor known" by Yves Robert. A tribute will also be paid to Michel Piccoli who has just left us at the age of 94. "Belle de jour" by Luis Bunuel with michel Piccoli and Catherine Deneuve will be screened. 1,000 five-euro tickets are available today. 

Good news for the Felyn Festival 2021.

The brand new Lyonnais festival had to cancel its 2020 edition, it was to take place on June 19 and 20. It is postponed until next year and on the programming side a group has just confirmed its arrival, it was to come this year. These are the Red Hot Chili Peppers, their last date in France dates back to 2006. This year's tickets will still be valid. No confirmation of the other names planned this year like Dj Snake or Shaka Ponk

We end this journal with a possible return from RadioHead.

The members of the groups affirm that there will soon be another album, discussions are in progress, projects also. There is no date yet, but the fans are reassured. During the confinement, an entire concert per week was posted on YouTube.