Measures against heat stroke at a golf course Experiment to carry AED by drone Chiba Ichihara June 15 18:35

A demonstration experiment was carried out to carry an AED by drone at a golf course in Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture, in order to promptly treat a person who fell down due to heat stroke during the summer in golf.

According to the Ichihara Fire Department in Chiba Prefecture, every year in summer, there is a tendency for more people to get into cardiac arrest due to heat stroke during golf play.

On the 15th, schools to train paramedics at a golf course in the city conducted a demonstration test to carry an AED by drone in order to promptly carry out lifesaving measures for such people.

The experiment was conducted on the assumption that a person fell down about 1 km away from the clubhouse, and the drone delivered the AED to the destination in about two and a half minutes.

Under the current law, the AED battery is treated as a hazardous material, so transportation by drone is regulated, but the school wants to continue experimenting to show its effectiveness and encourage deregulation.

"I thought drones were effective because I was able to quickly perform a life-saving emergency at a golf course in the mountains," said Seiji Masumoshi, Deputy President of the International College of Health and Welfare.