Xinfadi's market was closed on Monday June 15, 2020 due to the coronavirus in Beijing, China. - Koki Kataoka / AP / SIPA


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  • France has registered fewer than 10 new deaths in 24 hours due to Covid-19, the Health Ministry announced on Sunday. The lowest figure since the start of daily reports in mid-March, bringing the total to 29,407 dead.
  • Emmanuel Macron completed the deconfinement earlier than planned by announcing Sunday evening that all of France, except Guyana and Mayotte, is going "green" this Monday.
  • All cafes and restaurants in Ile-de-France will therefore reopen. Schools and colleges, but not high schools, will welcome all students from June 22, added the head of state.



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7:17 a.m .: Ten new districts of Beijing placed in quarantine

Ten new residential areas have been quarantined in Beijing, the mayor said on Monday, as the Chinese capital has counted 36 new cases of coronavirus in the past 24 hours.

The city has discovered new cases of contamination in a wholesale market in the northwest of the capital, in the Haidian district, after having closed last week a gigantic market of fresh products in the south of the metropolis, in the Fengtai district. Eleven residential areas had been quarantined in this area.

7:12 am: The Ehpad reopened again

Restaurants and cafes open in Ile-de-France, “authorized” visits this Monday in retirement homes and accommodation establishments for dependent elderly people (Ehpad) ... This is what we should remember from the president's announcements last night. 

7:09 am: All schools will reopen Monday, June 22

What promises a little more work to principals and school directors ... Schools and colleges, but not high schools, will welcome all students from June 22, announced Emmanuel Macron on Sunday evening. "As of tomorrow in France and overseas, the crèches, schools and colleges are preparing to welcome from June 22 all students on a compulsory basis and according to normal attendance rules," he said.

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And welcome to this new live on the coronavirus. With a Monday that promises to be very busy. The day after Emmanuel Macron's speech announcing a "first victory against the virus". And a final stage of deconfinement. Have a good day with us. And to find the information from Sunday, it's here. 

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