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Noel Gallagher plans to launch his own podcast. As he revealed to Matt Morgan on his Funny How show , the ex-Oasis is thinking of doing this in the studio he is building near London.

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"What does Noel Gallagher find funny about Korean War documentaries?" Catch Noel on the very first episode of @mattunderscoremorgan 's brand new podcast' Funny How? ', Out today! 🎧 via the link in bio!

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"We are discussing it. As soon as my studio is in place, we can get started. We have very good microphones, very expensive ones, and we can also serve glasses of gin, ”he revealed. The artist did not give much details on his project, but one can imagine that he will invite his famous friends - like Bono and Paul Weller - to chat around a good bottle.

Direction Ireland

In addition, Noel Gallagher seems to want to get closer to his roots. Indeed, the guitarist plans to buy a pied-à-terre in Ireland where the Gallagher family is from. “I love being there. I need a house on site. In addition, you have the advantage of being sure of having good neighbors, ”he continued.

Great projects in perspective, failing to be able to go on tour or announce a new album.


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