Rocket engine developed by a venture company crashed into the sea due to an emergency stop June 14 5:58

A new rocket developed by a venture company in Taiki-cho, Hokkaido was launched on the morning of the 14th, but the engine stopped suddenly and the rocket did not reach outer space.

Taiki-cho's venture company "Interstella Technologies" launched a new rocket "MOMO No. 5" from the launch site in the town at 5:15 am on the 14th.

According to the company, the rocket crashed into the sea about one minute after launch, with the engine shutting down.

Initial analysis said that the altitude reached was about 11 km, and it was not possible to reach outer space.

From the video, it was confirmed that the rocket was tilting in the middle of its ascent and then fell toward the sea.

"MOMO Unit 5" is 10 meters long and 50 cm in diameter, and is the same size as Unit 4 launched in July last year.

Regarding Unit 5, the launch was postponed in January due to communication system trouble, and the company was working on the launch after repairing the aircraft by replacing parts.

This is the fifth time this rocket has been launched, and Unit 3, which was launched in May last year, has reached outer space at an altitude of 100 km, but other than that, it has not reached the target altitude.

After this, the company will hold a press conference to explain the situation of this launch.