Two types of lists seized from the home of Mr. and Mrs. Kawai's house Cash distribution destination or June 13 17:47

In the case of an election violation by the Liberal Democratic Party's House of Representatives Kaori Kawai, the prosecutor's office seized two types of lists with a total of more than 100 names, including local representatives and supporters' executives who are supposed to distribute cash. I found out through interviews with related parties. The prosecutor's office suspects that his husband, former Minister of Justice Katsuyuki Kawai, has distributed cash of over 20 million yen to local parliamentarians, and that Representative Satoshi himself has also distributed some of the cash. It is suspected that Mr. and Mrs. Kawai will pursue criminal liability for the alleged acquisition of the violation.

It is suspected that the funds of the camp were used for the acquisition over the House of Councilors election in July last year when Senator Kawai was elected for the first time, and the prosecution authority voluntarily asked his husband's former Minister of Justice Kawai and Representative Kato We are proceeding with the investigation by listening to.

According to the people involved, two types of lists with a total of more than 100 names, which seemed to be cash distribution destinations, were confiscated from Mr. Kawai's home, and ▽ one was the name of local councilors, mayors, etc. , ▽ Another is that the names of executives of the supporters' association and people related to the office were listed along with the amount of money.

As a result of the prosecutor's office conducting an investigation based on this list, etc., since March last year, his husband, former Minister Kawai, has requested that he collect a vote, requesting that the local councilors and the members of the supporters association close to 20 million people. It is said that he was suspected that he had given out cash in excess of yen, and that Senator Satoshi himself had given out some cash.

Public prosecutors are expected to pursue the criminal liability of Mr. and Mrs. Kawai on suspicion of acquisition for violation of public office election law after the closing of the Diet.

On the 9th of this month, Rep. Satoshi was asked by the reporters in the National Assembly, "Is there any takeover action?"