Dominique Manotti, from politics to thriller

Dominique Manotti. © Stéphane Remael

By: Catherine Fruchon-Toussaint

Dominique Manotti is one of the major voices of the predominantly political noir novel in France, crowned in particular by the Duncan Lawrie International Dagger and the Grand Prix du noir noir. His books are translated into ten languages. She received for "Racket", the Polar prize in series at Quais du polar in 2019. "Marseille 73", according to the true story of racist murders, is her thirteenth novel. It is published in the Equinox collection at the Arènes.


Cover of the novel by Dominique Manotti © Les Arènes

"France is experiencing a series of assassinations targeting Arabs, especially Algerians. They are shot on sight, their heads are smashed. In six months, more than fifty of them are slaughtered, including twenty in Marseille, epicenter of racist terrorism. This is the true story.

Eleven years after the end of the Algerian war, the nerves of the OAS have been pardoned, many are integrated into the state apparatus and into the police, the National Front has barely hatched. Revengeers will call to plasticize the institutions representing the Algerian State. It's the decor.

The young Commissioner Daquin, twenty-seven, was freshly appointed to the Bishop's Palace, the Marseille police station, place of all compromises, where everything is known and nothing comes out. He is our hero.

Everything is ready for the tragedy, masterfully carried out by Dominique Manotti, with this dry, documented and relentless writing that made his fame.
A black anthology novel to put in everyone's hands, so as not to forget. "
(Presentation by Les Arènes editions)

→ Author's website

"Racket" , Dominique Manotti's previous novel has just appeared in his pocket in the "Folio Policier" collection at Gallimard.

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