Roxane van Iperen had the theme 'conflict' own words pretty quick idea for her essay for the Book Week 2021. The small and manageable creating a broad inserted arguments does the writer by the news out to explain, tell them Friday in M .

"As far as I am concerned, current events are very much traced back to 'not wanting to look into your own past'," says Van Iperen. "We Dutch are really kings who don't want to look in the mirror."

"That is not something I come up with, countless dissertations have been written about it. We are also known in the world. We have a big waving finger and a small mirror, as I always say."

According to Van Iperen, a lack of self-reflection in the Netherlands is a pattern that is not only visible in the way the Netherlands deals with the Second World War and the colonial past. The writer gives as an example "what we so euphemistically call the police actions in Indonesia" and makes a link with the way in which, according to her, some Dutch people downplay the racism debate and anti-racism protests.

'Commemoration culture hollow concept if we don't look the beast in the mouth'

'T Hooge Nest by Van Iperen is about World War II. According to the writer, the memorial culture of that war and other drastic events in the Netherlands is "a hollow concept if you don't look that beast in the mouth".

On Friday it was announced that Van Iperen will write the essay for the Boekenweek 2021, which will take place from 6 to 14 March 2021. In May, it was announced that Hanna Bervoets will write the Boekenweek gift.

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