"Tokyo Alert" and request for suspension of work Intention to review the mechanism Governor of Koike June 12, 16:52

In response to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, Tokyo Metropolitan Government called “Tokyo Alert” to call for a request for leave and caution, Governor Koike said that he decided to cancel and will enter a new stage, and he has a mechanism for requesting leave and alerts. I showed you the idea to review.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government will cancel the “Tokyo Alert” on the 11th, and from the 12th, we will proceed with the relaxation of requests for leave, etc. to “Step 3”. From the 19th of this month, the request will be virtually completely canceled.

Regarding the future response, Governor Koike of Tokyo told a press conference, "When requesting leave when the number of infected people increases again, there will be various impacts on the lives of people in the city and economic activities, so we will consider it carefully. Need to do that."

After preparing for the second wave, he expressed his thoughts on enhancing the system for examinations and medical care, and said, "Because we will enter a new stage, we will call for appropriate monitoring, refraining from going out and re-requesting leave from the residents and businesses. I would like to proceed with hearing the opinions of experts again regarding the ideal way of working,” he said, and said he would reconsider the system of leave requests and “Tokyo Alert” that had been done so far.