The scam behind the "zero credit" online loan--

  Why "low credit" groups are frequently scammed by online loans

  Speaking of the experience of encountering online loan fraud a year ago, 31-year-old Mao Qiang (pseudonym) still has a lingering fear.

  On April 29 last year, Mao Qiang received a sales call from a loan company, "Hello, I am a staff member of an online loan company. I saw from the background that the loan you applied for in our company was unsuccessful. May I ask if I still need it? ?"

  On the phone, the other party also stated that the loan previously applied by Mao Qiang was diverted to the manual review stage, and the loan can be successfully applied through manual renewal.

  Mao Qiang said that he did apply for a loan on this online loan platform. Due to his poor credit reporting, many applications on the online loan platform were basically rejected. This time, he suddenly encountered this kind of "pie falling from the sky", which made him desperately in need of funds like "a long drought and a sweet luck." He did not want to check the qualifications of the organization and immediately agreed to apply.

  Afterwards, he added the other party's WeChat to facilitate the loan business according to the guidance of the "loan commissioner", filled in and provided relevant loan information as required, and waited for the approval of the loan.

  It didn’t take long for the “enthusiastic” “Loan Specialist” to send a message: “Your loan application is already being processed, but you need to pay a service fee of 400 yuan. Please hurry up and handle it.” At the same time, a loan is sent to wait Section screenshot.

  Mao Qiang knew that the credit bureau was poor, and then he paid 400 yuan. After paying the service fee, the other party demanded to continue to pay 400 yuan on the ground of the need to pay the inter-provincial cash withdrawal fee. Mao Qiang carried out the operation in accordance with the requirements.

  Over the past few days, the money never arrived. Mao Qiang contacted the other party many times and was stigmatized for various reasons. Later, he sent WeChat to the "loan officer" and found that he was blacked out and could not make a call. Mao Qiang realized that he had been cheated, so he called the police.

  Subsequently, the Suzhou police investigation found that more than one similar cases. After hard work, the clues gradually gathered, and a fraud gang led by Qiao Mou and Li Mou pretended to be a customer service fraudster of the online loan platform gradually surfaced. On June 25, 2019, the main suspect was arrested and brought to justice. After arriving at the case, Qiao explained the criminal facts of fraud under the guise of "zero credit".

  According to the case handlers, Qiao obtained illegally the personal information of people who have applied for loans online, and screened out "low-credit" groups with low income, no fixed jobs, and poor credit records as target customers, and let his men pretend to be online. The staff of the loan data center contacted the applicant and lied that from the background, they saw that the previously applied online loan was unsuccessful, which was a manual renewal link, which made the victim think that it was the continuation of the previous application for the online loan.

  Based on the personal data filled in by the victim himself, creating the illusion that the loan has been reviewed and approved, so that the victim misunderstood that the loan can be received, and then on the grounds of collecting platform guarantee management fees, collating credit card big data fees, and inter-provincial withdrawal fees, etc. Let the applicant pay the fee.

  To this end, Qiao Mou also carefully designed the complete vocabulary, and the scene design and chat content are fully marked, and the victims may mention problems, and there are also solutions.

  At the same time, in order to increase the success rate of fraud, Qiao Mou also used the old man to bring new people to "speech training" to make the victim feel "professional" in terms of language.

  Speaking of the "secret of success" in the fraud, Qiao admitted that the "script" is dead and that people are alive. The key is to take action and grasp the other party's psychology.

  During the fraud, after the victim transferred the money, the loan was delayed. In the face of questioning, they are not in a hurry to pull the other party black, but will provide "after-sales service", and the person will be responsible for finding reasons to introduce it, and introduce it to other loan app platforms to reapply for loans, so as to delay the time.

  According to the case-handling staff, the gang also strictly limits the amount of fraud committed by members to each customer, and in principle should not exceed 1,200 yuan. The small amount of single fraud and procrastination tactics make most of the victims remain silent about the fraud with the guilty confession. After the incident, only a few victims reported the crime, which created conditions for the criminal suspects to evade investigation by public security organs.

  According to statistics, in just two months, the fraud gang has carried out more than 500 online scams, with victims all over the country, with a cumulative amount of more than 600,000 yuan. It is understood that the vast majority of the victims are young people between the ages of 20 and 30, and there are a few students who are nearing graduation.

  Recently, the People's Procuratorate of Changshu City, Jiangsu Province prosecuted Qiao for crimes of fraud and infringement of citizens' personal information, and 15 criminal suspects such as Li for the crime of fraud. At present, the court is further hearing.

  At present, Internet lending chaos is emerging one after another, becoming a tool for some scammers to defraud, which has caused many borrowers to suffer. In reality, under the banner of "zero credit", criminal suspects extend their claws to the "low credit" group with low income, no fixed work, and poor credit record, using the victim's eagerness to use money and neglect to prevent. , Set traps one by one, swindle money.

  "The reason why fraud succeeds repeatedly is that it can accurately locate the target object." Ping Xiaoxian, the prosecutor undertook by the Changshu Municipal People's Procuratorate, said that "low credit" groups often fail to pass credit reviews on various formal lending platforms or institutions. A large number of The total potential demand cannot be satisfied through formal platforms or institutions, and the demand for loans has been suppressed for a long time. And this "supply-demand contradiction" is used by criminal gangs. They aim at the "demand side" of the urgent borrowing psychology and credit review weakness, which makes the victim's defense mentality weaker and more likely to be deceived.

  Ping Xiaoxian said that the victims in the case were all customers who had applied for loans from other online small loan companies but the credit status was mostly bad. Criminals grasped the weakness that the victims urgently needed money and could not obtain loans through formal channels. The next set is to commit fraud.

  Ping Xiaoxian said that most of the personal information submitted through online loan application is detailed and true, but the online loan platform is mixed, and many irregular platform companies wantonly disclose personal information of the group submitting the loan application, which becomes a "hotbed of fraud".

  It is understood that in the above fraud case, Qiaomou illegally obtained the personal information of the target customer, and then provided it to the person who actually implemented the fraud in a daily update. A total of 50,000 illegally obtained personal information with the citizen’s name, phone number, etc. The rest.

  In this regard, Ping Xiaoxian suggested to effectively increase the supervision of the information collection subject of the online lending platform, clarify the scope of the responsibility of the responsible subject, prevent excessive collection, illegal collection, and illegal disclosure in the process of data collection, and eliminate online telecommunications fraud crimes from the source .

  At the same time, strengthen the supervision of chat information platforms such as WeChat, promptly deal with the warning and title of illegal accounts that send obvious violations of citizens' privacy information, strengthen the information verification related to the provision of information sharing apps, and order rectification of non-compliant requirements, involving suspected Crimes are transferred to judicial organs in a timely manner to eliminate the soil for crimes that violate personal information.

  Ping Xiaoxian pointed out that harassing phone calls and precise frauds accompanied by a large amount of information leaks increasingly affect people's property and even the safety of their lives, and are of public interest. Procuratorial organs should give full play to the procuratorial function of public interest litigation, explore the filing of civil public interest litigation against crimes against citizens' personal information, and file administrative public interest litigation against administrative subjects with personal information supervision responsibilities to effectively safeguard the security of citizens' personal information.

  Chen Yazhong Youth Daily · China Youth Network reporter Li Chao Source: China Youth Daily