(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) Shulan's group image after "epidemic": strong "Dianzi" before the Dragon Boat Festival

  China News Service, Jilin, June 11 (Cangyan Shihongyu) The traffic is busy on the streets of the noonday sun. Only half a month before the Dragon Boat Festival in the fifth lunar month of the Chinese Lunar Calendar, Shulan City, which is gradually recovering under the epidemic, is now becoming more and more intense.

  Wang Jiwei first caught the taste from the Dragon Boat Festival. Zongye and Malian have become "best sellers" in the past few days, and more and more citizens have begun to purchase raw materials for dumplings.

Shulan street. Photo by Cangyan

  "Older people choose more zongzi. After all, the folk custom of the Dragon Boat Festival is Bao Zongzi." 37-year-old Wang Jiwei plans to enter some zongzi to prepare for the festival.

  As we all know, the Dragon Boat Festival is one of the four traditional festivals in China, and the Dragon Boat Festival culture has a wide influence in the world. As Shulan City, under the jurisdiction of Jilin City in the northeast of China, the festival comes early.

  Wang Jiwei runs a dried fruit shop in the Zhengyang Road food market. After Shulan reported the first local confirmed case of new pneumonia on May 7, her shop encountered the lowest valley in six years.

  As the risk level of Shulan City was adjusted from high to low on June 3, Wang Jiwei felt a positive change.

  Compared with the severe moment of the epidemic, the 31-year-old takeaway rider Zhu Guochao is concerned about the current delivery efficiency. "The number of orders is one-third more than during the epidemic. I have to hurry up to deliver."

  Before lunch, Zhu Guochao waited for the meal at the Huaxia Congee Shop near Liudao Street. He stood outside the entrance waiting line and checked the time and delivery route displayed on the data terminal from time to time.

  At 6 o'clock in the morning, Zhu Guochao began to "walk" in the city. Since Shulan "unblocked", Zhu Guochao's orders have increased to more than 40 orders per day.

Zhengyang Road Vegetable Market. Photo by Cangyan

  Zhu Guochao, who just picked up takeaway food, the data terminal "prompt" service sounded again. Zhu Guochao said that he likes to get busy.

  Important local business districts resumed work one after the other the day after "unblocking". At 10 am, the Li Ning clothing store in the Glad Building has begun to receive customers. "Before sorting the goods, we have to kill them carefully, including every corner of the store." Zhang Xueping, the store manager, said that in the business for more than an hour, more than a dozen customers have already bought the store.

Zongye sells well before the Dragon Boat Festival. Photo by Cangyan

  "The passenger flow is recovering, we need to provide a good shopping environment and services." Zhang Xueping and the store staff put the main style in the store in a prominent position, and used "discount" and other promotional pictorials to attract them.

  The growing prosperity of the city is obvious. Gao Yu, 56, asked the driver to "wait" before Shulan sent the bus to Ping'an Town.

  "Two of my co-workers are here soon. We are going to work in Ping'an Town and do some civil work." Gao Yu and two other partners met. After the epidemic, they went to Ping'an Town to work. Today is their departure day.

The old man is buying rice dumplings. Photo by Cangyan

  Gao Yu's travel was delayed by nearly a month due to the epidemic. Also delayed was the "sorghum chrysanthemum" cultivated in spring. In the flower beds on both sides of Shulan Street adjacent to the highway, more than 20 workers are planting the landscape flower "Sorghum."

  "We need to hurry up to complete the planting." The staff from the Red Flower Company started work at 6 am, and they tried to advance the "flowering period" that was too late.

  "The Dragon Boat Festival is coming soon, adding a joy to the festival." The workers were busy turning over the soil and planting flowers at the moment. They hoped that the street would be "bright" as soon as possible.

  Zongye and Ma Lian have increased in Zhengyang Road Market, which makes Wang Jiwei have more expectations for the Dragon Boat Festival. "I hope the business will get better." Wang Jiwei opened the rice dumplings and the rice dumplings dispersed instantly. (Finish)