JK Rowling explained the statements she recently made about transgender people and sex in an essay. The Harry Potter author says he has experience with sexual abuse and is therefore concerned about certain consequences of the discussion about sex and gender.

In the essay, Rowling writes that she is busy with the subject because of a new book in the Cormoran Strike crime novels she writes under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith. "The female detective deals with this theme," says Rowling.

On a personal level, too, the Harry Potter writer says she has been touched by the transgender discussion, which makes her feel "to speak up".

Rowling says she has experienced domestic violence and sexual abuse in the past. "The reason I speak out about this is that I want to show solidarity with all those women who have a history like me. They are called 'bigotry' because they have a hard time thinking that there are no different sexes. "

The author, who has been criticized by colleagues like Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Eddie Redmayne, says he feels "solidarity and kinship" with transgender people. "The majority of them are also vulnerable for the reasons I just mentioned. They deserve to be protected. At the same time, I also want girls and women to stay safe."

Rowling cites gender-neutral toilets as an example. "That opens the door for any man who wants to come in there."

Rowling's tweet caused a stir

Rowling commented on Twitter this weekend on an article that included the phrase "people who are menstruating." The author called this a strange wording. It was responded to that men and transgender people can also menstruate in theory.

"I know and love transgender people," said Rowling. "But if you erase the concept of a sex, many people can also no longer discuss their lives." The author was criticized for her statements.

Rowling had previously come under fire for making similar statements. She then stood up for a researcher who lost her job because she feels that people cannot change their biological sex.