Infantile Weaning Death, Chiba Ichihara City "Information that could be abused was actually there" June 11 21:19


In January this year, a 23-year-old mother was arrested for leaving a debilitated 10-month-old girl in an apartment in Ichihara, Chiba prefecture, and Ichihara suspected abuse before the girl died. I explained that there was no external information to make, but I corrected this and made it clear that the information was actually received.

Regarding this incident, the nursery school and kindergarten through which the siblings of the deceased girl attended said they had contacted Ichihara City saying, "I can't see the girl when picking up." There was no prior information about the girl from outside," he denied.

However, on the 11th, the city announced that it was found that the information was actually received from the kindergarten as a result of scrutinizing the records, and confirmed the error at the press conference.

Mr. Eiji Misawa, Director of the Future Department for Children in Ichihara City, said, "I'm afraid that I couldn't confirm and gave a wrong explanation, so I withdrew it and apologized."

After that, he said, "From the perspective of the future, the information that could be suspected of being abusive, and the city's response to not consulting the child guidance center was insufficient. I think it was a life saved." Examining verification with a third party I made it clear.