The number of new infections with the corona virus continues to increase, especially in Latin American countries and the USA. According to expert forecasts, the number of deaths in the United States could rise to 200,000 by September. Infection is currently moderate in Germany.

Latin America has become the new center of the pandemic with more than 70,000 corona deaths. Brazil is most affected there, but Mexico also reported a peak within one day with almost 5,000 new infections and 708 deaths. Across the region, 70,972 people have been proven to have died from the coronavirus. Around 1.45 million cases of infection were confirmed. However, the number of unreported cases is likely to be significantly higher.

In Brazil alone, the region's largest economy, nearly 40,000 people died from the corona virus. Only the United States and the United Kingdom saw more deaths. The official number of infections in Brazil is more than 772,000. Almost 33,000 new infections and 1,274 deaths were reported within 24 hours. The virus is also spreading in Peru, Chile and Colombia. Mexico, the second largest country in Latin America, has registered nearly 130,000 infections and 15,357 deaths.

More than two million cases of infection in the United States

According to experts, the number of deaths in the United States could rise to 200,000 by September. Even if there were no more infections, the number is realistic, said Ashish Jha, head of the Harvard Global Health Institute, CNN. "And that's only until September. The pandemic won't be over in September."

This is due to the fact that the United States is the only large country that has loosened the virus containment restrictions without first bringing the increase in cases to a controlled level, Jha said. According to current data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the United States has 112,754 deaths and more than two million people are registered as infected.

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the health authorities in Germany have since 555 reported new infections with the novel corona virus since the previous day. As a result, 185,416 people in Germany have demonstrably contracted Sars-CoV-2 since the crisis began, as the RKI announced. According to this, a total of 8,755 people infected with the virus have died, which means an increase of 26 compared to the previous day. According to RKI, around 171,200 people have survived the infection. That is 400 more than the day before.

Reproduction number in Germany again below zero

The number of reproductions, or R-value for short, is 0.86 according to the current status and has dropped below the critical mark of 1.0. This means that an infected person infects less than one other person on average. The R value shows the infection process approximately one and a half weeks beforehand. The previous day it was 1.11.

Since mid-May, the RKI has also been issuing a so-called seven-day R. It refers to a longer period and is therefore less subject to daily fluctuations. According to RKI estimates, this value was also recently 0.86 compared to 0.9 on the previous day. It shows the infection from 8 to 16 days ago.

In Russia, the number of infections detected has officially increased to 502,436. In addition, a total of 6,532 people died from or with the corona virus, the authorities said. 174 people have died since the previous day. 8,779 new infections were registered within 24 hours, compared to 8,404 new cases the day before.

It has been proven that almost 7.4 million people have contracted the novel corona virus worldwide, and more than 415,000 people have died.