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The announcement made people smile on social networks. Mathieu Kassovitz explained to the microphone of RMC and BFM TV this Friday that he wanted to adapt his film La Haine into a musical. “I was contacted by a team that made big musicals in Paris. They told me they wanted to do things a little different than the Romeo and Juliet that go out every year, said the director. They told me that La Haine has become an element of French pop culture and that it would be interesting to develop it ”.

Mathieu Kassovitz is working on the adaptation of La Haine, his cult film, into a musical. The director says he always thought of the film like this.

It is not April 1st.

- JΛCK (@JackOCine) June 6, 2020

a remake of Hate in MDR musical.

- lou (@eyeswidelou) June 7, 2020

"I always thought of Hate as a musical," says Mathieu Kassovitz, in full adaptation of his feature film triplet Caesarized when it was released 25 years ago. “The film is already written as a hip-hop musical. These are little rap pieces that follow each other and have a specific rhythm, which is actually a movie, ”he describes.

La Haine version 2020 would be an interactive film on stage, combining dance, song and hip-hop. If the form chosen by the director intrigues Internet users, the purpose of the feature film denouncing police violence and discrimination in the suburbs always resonates with the news.


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