Lin Zhengyue: Hong Kong experienced a severe situation in the past year, and Hong Kong cannot afford the chaos

  [Global Network Reporter Zhang Liyuan] The Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Lin Zhengyue, met with reporters before attending the executive meeting today (9th). According to Hong Kong's "Orange News" reported on the 9th, Lin Zhengyue said that Hong Kong has experienced many difficulties and severe situations in the past year. This is also the work that the SAR Government has to deal with today. She said that everyone must learn a lesson, including the SAR government and parliamentarians. Because Hong Kong cannot afford the chaos, Hong Kong people want a stable environment and live and work in peace. The epidemic has caused a global economic recession. Everyone needs to return to normal life. I believe this is The common wish of Hong Kong society in the past 12 months.

  Regarding the specific content of the "National Security Law of the Port Area", Lin Zhengyue said that this is legislated by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress. She cannot speculate on the provisions, but everyone who cares about national security should seize the opportunity to express their opinions.

  Lin Zhengyue said that a series of measures launched by the SAR Government on job security and job creation require a stable social environment. If daily violence affects the safety of citizens, it may even challenge national sovereignty, security, development interests and territorial integrity. If something happens, the effectiveness of the relevant work will be greatly reduced, and the public will be called upon to support the National People’s Congress’s legislative work on national security in Hong Kong. The SAR Government will fully cooperate and have begun to establish a sound and effective enforcement mechanism.

  Lin Zhengyue also mentioned that she felt extremely regretful and condemned a small number of people who wantonly discredited the legislative work and incited citizens to strike on Sunday.