JK Rowling in 2015 in New York. - Evan Agostini / AP / SIPA

Unsourced information, a tweet that goes viral, before being deleted: the three-act journey of intoxication, this time targeting JK Rowling. A petition has been launched so that she is no longer the author of Harry Potter , according to the Twitter account La plume libre.

The authors of this account contend that the British writer "has been the target of the LGBTQ community since yesterday, after she claimed that only women could have their period. A petition, signed thousands of times, has been launched so that she is no longer the author of Harry Potter  . ” The tweet, since deleted, is still available online.

This tweet, with false content, has been shared more than 1,000 times. - Google cache screenshot


No petitions have been created asking that JK Rowling no longer be the author of Harry Potter . Only a petition asking for a boycott of the saga's derivative products was launched, gathering just over a hundred signatures in two days.

This account had already disseminated unsourced information about the Notre-Dame-de-Paris fire.

JK Rowling was charged with transophobia this weekend after a tweet on menstruation. She had already formulated a controversial position in December.

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