Due to the bad news that usually dominates the front page of NU.nl, the good news often disappears. That is why we make a daily overview of the positive news.

Retailers are more positive about the future

Retailers in May were far more confident about the future of their business than the month before. In April, only 9 percent of retailers expected to keep their heads above water for another year, by May this had already risen to 65 percent, according to figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS).

Confidence is also returning to IT and cleaning companies now that the corona measures have been relaxed. In the catering industry, entrepreneurs were also more optimistic in May than in April, but the recovery is slowing down here.

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New phase in Notre-Dame recovery: 200,000 kilos of steel will be removed

The restoration of Notre-Dame in Paris has entered a new phase this week. Workers have begun removing the 200,000 pounds of scaffolding that had already been built around the building before the April 2019 fire. Many of the tubes have fused together due to the fire.

The church on the island in the Seine is intended to be largely restored by 2024. It is expected that Paris will receive millions of visitors because of the Olympic Games planned in the French capital.


Melted scaffolding Notre-Dame removed: 'Delicate work'

Research: Two in five municipalities have banned balloon balloons

More and more Dutch municipalities prohibit the release of balloons. 41 percent of Dutch cities have now introduced a ban, according to the annual Balloon Monitor.

According to critics, the release of balloons has a negative effect on nature and the environment. Birds, fish and marine mammals get caught in the ribbons of stray balloons or mistake the remains of the balloons for food.

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Amsterdam has become relatively less expensive to live in

Compared to other cities in the world, Amsterdam has become less expensive to live in. The capital of our country was in the top 50 most expensive cities in the world two years ago, but fell to 58 last year and to 64th this year.

Besides the fact that other cities have become more expensive and Amsterdam less expensive compared to those cities, prices in Amsterdam have also risen less rapidly than elsewhere.

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