[Commentary] China Southern Airlines flight CZ3139 from Wuhan to Beijing Daxing International Airport took off from Tianhe International Airport at 3:55 pm on June 9. This was the first passenger flight from Wuhan to Beijing after a 138-day interval, marking the official resumption of the passenger route from Wuhan to Beijing.

  [Commentary] On the afternoon of the same day, the reporter saw in the departure hall of Terminal T3 of Wuhan Tianhe International Airport that the airline had opened special check-in and security channels for passengers heading to Beijing. Wuhan personnel entering Beijing have a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 7 days, and can go through the relevant check-in procedures after taking a temperature measurement and scanning a healthy green code.

  [Commentary] Mr. Pan, who returned to Wuhan for the Chinese New Year before the Spring Festival, failed to return to Beijing to work as scheduled due to the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. After learning that Wuhan resumed flights to Beijing, he purchased the first flight ticket through the Internet until the afternoon of the 9th.

  [Same period] Mr. Pan: Explain that the country recognizes us and our work in Wuhan, Hubei. Our epidemic prevention work should now be a victory situation. It should be a victory over the epidemic situation, but we still cannot relax. As requested, masks, including nucleic acid detection, including aggregation, are all in accordance with national requirements, and cannot be relaxed.

  [Commentary] Mr. Ning, who works in Wuhan, often travels to various places on business. Mr. Ning said that the resumption of passenger flights from Wuhan to Beijing will also facilitate the subsequent resumption of production.

  [Same period] Mr. Ning: Nothing special, just normal, because I flew over Tianjin some time ago, I think it is our own nucleic acid test, we may have done one more serum (antibody test), nothing else.

  [Commentary] On the first day of resumption, China Southern Airlines performs one flight from Wuhan Tianhe International Airport to and from Beijing Daxing International Airport. The outbound flight number is CZ3139 and the return flight number is CZ3140. It plans to take off at 19:15 and arrive in Wuhan at 21:40.

  【Commentary】According to Li Shuwen, deputy manager of marketing department of China Southern Airlines Hubei Branch, the passenger load factor of flight CZ3139 from Wuhan to Beijing was about 30% on that day, mainly because the sales cycle was relatively short.

  [Same period] Li Shuwen, deputy manager of the marketing department of China Southern Airlines Hubei Branch: Because it is mainly this, our sales cycle is relatively short, because the Civil Aviation Administration issued on June 6th, this notice about resuming this flight, then we are also the first time , After getting the news, I went to declare the plan, and then in just 2 days, I made a intensive preparation and made preparations for sailing. We started selling flights online yesterday afternoon. So far, it has only been In just one day, it basically sold 30%. We expect that in the later period, as the market needs more and more, I believe that the occupancy rate will be higher and higher.

  [Explanation] It is understood that the response level of public health emergencies in Beijing has been adjusted to three levels from 06:00 on June 6. Lift the restrictions on Hubei (including Wuhan, except for medium and high-risk areas) personnel entering Beijing civil aviation, railway ticket purchase and highway admission certificate. In addition, Hubei (including Wuhan) personnel entering Beijing no longer practice 14-day home or centralized observation, and release observations for those who are currently at home or concentrated. Wuhan Jinjing personnel holding a negative nucleic acid test certificate will no longer conduct a second nucleic acid test; those who do not hold a negative nucleic acid test certificate to enter Beijing must undergo a nucleic acid test.

  [Commentary] It is also understood that at present, airlines such as China Eastern Airlines and Air China are stepping up to declare the resumption of passenger flights from Wuhan to Beijing.

  Reporter Zou Hao from Hubei Wuhan

Editor in charge: [Liu Xian]