China News Service Client Beijing, June 9 (Reporter Zhang Ni) Recently, colleges and universities across the country have welcomed graduates back to school. This graduation season is destined to be memorable for the 2020 graduates.

  On the one hand, the impact of the epidemic has not been completely eliminated. On the other hand, these young faces are about to leave the campus and go to the society. In a special period, from the national to the local level, a series of intimate policies and subsidy packages have been issued to help graduates successfully through this graduation season.

On June 8th, Wuhan University, Wuhan, returned students from Wuhan University entered the dormitory. China News Service reporter Zhang Changshe

Accommodation fee, refund!

  For many graduates, the dormitory that has been vacated for several months has not yet been able to live, and will soon leave again.

  In this regard, many regions have made clear provisions: refund!

  For example, according to the “Notice on Doing a Good Job in School Charge Management during Epidemic Prevention and Control” issued by Henan, schools charge accommodation fees according to the principle of actual occurrence, which is calculated according to 10 months per school year (5 months per semester). Students will be refunded at the end of the period. If the actual residence time at the school is less than one month, half a month will be calculated for less than 15 days, and one month will be calculated for more than 15 days.

  The "Notice of Shandong Provincial Department of Education on Doing a Good Job in School Charge Management during Epidemic Prevention and Control" also stipulates that the spring semester is calculated for 5 months. For students who do not live in the school, the school will refund the accommodation fee on a monthly basis. All students will be refunded after the end. If the actual stay in the school is less than one month, each school will be refunded according to the rules of the school's charge management implementation.

  Recently, many colleges and universities in Shandong including Shandong Normal University and Jinan University have issued notices for refunding accommodation fees.

  In addition to refunding the accommodation fee, some schools also provide more intimate assistance for returning school graduates.

  For example, Beijing Union University previously issued a notice that the school will arrange graduates to return to school voluntarily in 5 batches starting June 16. In addition to clarifying the standard for the refund of accommodation fees, the school will also provide 100 yuan per person transportation subsidies for returning graduates from outside Beijing. At the same time, the school will bear the cost of nucleic acid testing for returning students, and the mailing fees for dorm items for students who do not return to school will also be borne by the school.

On May 31, a special recruitment meeting for the 2020 graduates to stay in Jiangxi Province, jointly organized by the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Education and Nanchang Hangkong University, was held in Nanchang. China News Agency reporter Liu Zhankun photo

Entrepreneurship and training can receive subsidies

  For fresh graduates, employment is the top priority in the graduation season.

  Under the special background of this year, the employment and entrepreneurship subsidies given to fresh students in various regions have also increased significantly, covering all aspects.

  For example, as early as April this year, Jiangxi made clear the vocational training subsidy policy.

  Qualified college graduates participate in employment skill training, enterprise staff job skill training, college graduates' primary growth plan training and free vocational skills training actions, etc., and obtain vocational qualification certificates (or vocational skill level certificates, special vocational ability certificates, training Qualification certificate, the same below) college graduates will be given vocational training subsidies.

  From the perspective of subsidy standards, vocational training subsidies are determined within the range of 500 yuan/person to 6000 yuan/person based on the type of training, technical level, training time, and training items.

  For graduates who intend to start a business, various regions have also introduced policies one after another, with real gold and silver subsidies.

  According to the "Several Policies and Measures for Promoting Employment and Entrepreneurship of College Graduates in Hebei Province in 2020" issued by the Hebei Employment Work Leading Group, a one-time entrepreneurial subsidy of 5,000 yuan will be granted to college graduates for their first entrepreneurship in the school year and within 5 years of graduation . Those who graduated from colleges and universities for the first time within 5 years of graduation will be granted social insurance subsidies for a maximum of 3 years.

  "Tianjin City to further promote the employment of college graduates in 2020 measures" proposed that college graduates in the city can participate in free entrepreneurship training, according to the standard of 500 yuan per person, to provide training institutions with training subsidies. Those who set up an enterprise within half a year after the training will be given a subsidy for the success of starting a business according to the standard of 1,000 yuan per person.

  In terms of paying social security, local governments have also given subsidy policies.

  For example, this month, the General Office of the Shandong Provincial Government issued the “Notice on Ten Measures for Ensuring the Employment of Residents, Maintaining Basic Livelihood, and Maintaining Market Main Body Work.”

  According to the "Notice", those who are in difficulty in flexible employment through the night economy, small store economy, etc., and graduates of unemployed colleges and universities who have not been employed within two years of leaving school shall be paid social insurance subsidies that do not exceed 2/3 of the actual payment. Among them, the longest period of subsidies for persons with employment difficulties shall not exceed 3 years, and the longest period of subsidies for university graduates who have not been employed within 2 years of leaving school shall not exceed 2 years.

On June 8th, Wuhan, Hubei, the returning students of Wuhan University conducted new coronavirus nucleic acid and antibody detection. From the same day, students from Hubei colleges and universities graduated in order and returned to school in batches. China News Service reporter Zhang Changshe

Hubei graduates can receive special subsidies

  This year, among all college graduates, Hubei students are the most concerned group. On the one hand, their hometown has been severely hit by the epidemic, on the other hand, they are also facing great pressure on employment.

  In response to the difficulties of Hubei students, as early as April this year, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Affairs, the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of Civil Affairs issued the "Notice on Increasing Employment Support for Hubei and Hubei Laborers." The "Notice" proposes that Hubei universities and college graduates whose origin is Hubei will be granted a one-time job search and entrepreneurship subsidy from the location of the university.

  In May of this year, the Hubei Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Affairs, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the "Notice", which clearly requires that the one-time job search and entrepreneurship subsidies for 2020 college graduates in Hubei Province be paid at 80% of the local minimum wage standard. .

  Outside Hubei Province, Guangdong, Anhui, Tianjin, Shandong, Chongqing, Jilin, Fujian and other places have issued notices to provide special subsidies for graduates from Hubei universities, ranging from 800 yuan to 3,000 yuan.

  For example, in May this year, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education, together with the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Affairs, issued seven policies and measures on promoting the employment of graduates from colleges and universities in Guangdong Province in 2020. Hubei graduates of 2020 from technical colleges and universities will be granted a subsidy for job search and entrepreneurship at the rate of 2,000 yuan per person, which will be paid in time.

  In the same month, the Tianjin Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and the Municipal Education Commission issued a notice to provide a one-time job search and entrepreneurship subsidy of 3,000 yuan to the 2020 Hubei graduates of the city’s colleges and universities.

  This month, the Fujian Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Welfare also issued a "Notice", requesting that the province's college students' source of employment and entrepreneurship subsidies for 2020 graduates in Hubei be paid at a time of 2,000 yuan per person. (Finish)