Tim Akkerman and his band The Ivy League give a performance for 524 people on an airplane. The concert will take place on July 1 in a Boeing 747, the singer confirms on Twitter.

The idea arose after Mark Rutte's press conference last week, when it was announced that air travel is allowed again. "By releasing air travel and thereby meeting on airplanes, the idea of ​​performing on an airplane was born quickly," said Akkerman.

This means that Akkerman goes against the advice of a maximum of one hundred men. "Apparently the air filtering in airplanes is different and we may be able to work with face masks."

For the realization, Akkerman contacted Bernard Vissers, who owns a large number of aircraft, and he was immediately enthusiastic. Akkerman is also happy with the collaboration. "In a time like this, it is great for me and my audience to interact creatively live, come up with new ideas and come up with concepts."

Akkerman and The Ivy League previously recorded a new song in their home studios. The song Keep The Light On was released last May.

Ticket sales start Saturday June 13 and the performance takes place in a warehouse near Alkmaar.

Guido Weijers wants to take to the skies

Guido Weijers also sees some performance in an airplane. On Twitter he took stock of who would be interested in a show in the air. "Who wants 120 euro this month enjoy an hour of Masterclass Luck Live! On kilometers altitude? Departure from Schiphol. You will be brought back home to the airport," the comedian tweeted Monday.

Hello dear people! Make an inventory ... who wants to enjoy an Masterclass Happiness Live for 120 euros this month! at kilometers altitude? Departure from Schiphol. You will be brought back home to Schiphol ;-)

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