Hadrian's Wall, built in the second century, crosses northern England in curves. It cuts its way from Pons-on-Solway on the west coast to Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the east, which is about 120 kilometers away.

Thousands of people gather at the end of the wall in the city in the far north of England after completing the path. This path can be cut in both directions. People with plenty of time can start walking from outside Carlisle in Solway Firth, a river estuary that separates Scotland and England.

This is the westernmost point of the wall, and is a world heritage site representing the outer borders of the Roman Empire.

Experts on the matter say the best walking segment is between Carlisle or Holtweisel to Corbridge. From here it takes between three and five days to reach Newcastle.

The green pasture and meandering hills parallel this path, and from time to time gray country houses appear, the same color as the rock wall. The sheep grow beneath the trees, making these scenes very relaxing like any pastoral painting. Holtweisel is halfway through a town of more than 700 years old. In light of repeated threats by soldiers from Scotland and England in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, townspeople have built defensive country houses called "Pastel" that can be visited until now.

Walking from the historic market square of Holtwiesel along the Bern Walk to Hadrian's Wall through a forest, buttercups appear everywhere. It is an easy walk to the wall with a maximum height of 4.6 meters. It was originally built on orders from Hadrian, and included thousands of soldiers who monitored the border with Scotland. The wall is said to have been a source of inspiration for the ice wall in the George R. Martin series "Game of Thrones" that separates the imaginary Seven Kingdoms from the wild lands behind them. The attraction of walking along Hadrian's Wall is due in part to the fact that the road is full of signs, and that there is a lot to see along the path away from the wall itself which is full of algae. The road runs through hills and valleys, through fields filled with cow breeders, sheep wool, clover flowers and chrysanthemums.

The wall was an inspiration to the ice wall in the series "Game of Thrones" that separates the seven imaginary kingdoms from the wild lands behind them.

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