Dolly Parton gets up early every day to talk to God, the country singer tells Guideposts. Faith plays such an important role in Parton's life that she says she "keeps her going."

"I ask God how he can use me and what I can do that day," said the 74-year-old singer. "I'm a light sleeper and I get up in the early hours every day." Parton consciously chooses to pray just at that time. "It's the best time to reach God, in the peace and quiet before everyone is awake and phones start buzzing and emails come in."

"At that point, I am alone with God and I can ask for His guidance," continues Parton. "Over the years I have learned to entrust the dreams to God."

Religion also plays an important role in your own amusement park

In her own amusement park Dollywood, the role of faith in Parton's life is also discussed. For example, her favorite spot in the entire park is the Robert F. Thomas Chapel, which is named after the doctor and preacher who was born.

"People can leave their prayers and wishes there. They can enjoy the silence and make their prayers as great as their dreams, they can come closer to God. I couldn't have done anything good in my life without God on my side, "said Parton.