Deer captured in Arakawa at the zoo in Chiba, June 8 17:49

Last week, we found a place to pick up deer caught on the riverbed of Arakawa in Adachi-ku, Tokyo, and moved them to a zoo in Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture on the 8th.

A deer was spotted on the Arakawa riverbed in Adachi Ward since the end of last month, and a male deer about 1.5 meters long was captured by police officers and staff of the Ward on the 3rd of this month.

According to Adachi Ward, it was difficult to return to the wild because we applied for capture to the capital for the purpose of extermination, but there were a series of telephone calls from the general public asking us to save the deer's life.

It is said that the ward consulted with more than 20 places such as the zoo around and finally decided to pick it up at "Ichihara Elephant Country" in Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture.

The deer arrived at the related facility of "Ichihara Ezo no Kuni" on the 8th and was quiet, and did not seem to be excited or scared in the cage.

"In the worst case, there was a risk of disposal, so I'm really relieved to have it taken over," said Yasuda Yoda, head of the Adachi Ward Crisis Management Department.

Mai Ichihara's country, Mai Sasaki, said, "I was hesitant because it is a wild animal, but I decided to take it in consideration of the importance of the life of the animal. I hope that everyone will see it eventually." .

In the country of Ichihara, we will isolate for at least two weeks, check for diseases and parasites, and proceed with the administrative procedures necessary for breeding.