Presenter and gym owner Arie Boomsma is no longer working with fitness company CrossFit. That has to do with controversial statements regarding the Black Lives Matter movement (BLM movement) by CrossFit CEO Greg Glassman.

When asked by a fellow gym owner on Twitter why he hadn't spoken out about George Floyd's death, Glassman replied, "You have the delusion that people think you are Crossfit's conscience. You think you're more good than us, disgusting. "

Glassman has also said in several video meetings that he is not mourning the death of George Floyd. Boomsma's gym Vondelgym decided to end the collaboration.

"We don't want to be associated with organizations that violate our values"

"Our community is defined by the diversity of people from all over the world. Different ethnic groups, religions and sexual orientations come together and want to express themselves better in the world of fitness," said a statement on Vondelgym's Instagram.

"We don't want to be associated with individuals or organizations that violate these values. At this point, as a gym, we've made the decision not to renew our contract for all three locations until we feel connected to the organization that represents the sport where we We will continue to serve our community according to our core values ​​of respect, love and inclusivity. "

'I have made a mistake'

Glassman has now apologized on Twitter for his statements. "I made a mistake with the words I chose. My heart is deeply saddened by the pain it caused. It was a mistake. Not racist, but a mistake."

Since black American Floyd was killed in a white-collar arrest by a white cop in Minnesota on May 25, many companies and organizations have spoken out against racism and police brutality. Large-scale demonstrations are also taking place. Both in the US and in other countries.