China Weather News today and tomorrow (7-8), Beijing continues to be exposed to high temperatures, the highest temperature can reach 36-38 ℃, the south wind is obviously dry in the afternoon, people are advised to pay attention to sun protection and hydration.

  Yesterday, the minimum temperature in Beijing was 17.1℃. The temperature during the day was relatively high and the ultraviolet rays were strong. The maximum temperature reached 31.5℃.

The weather in Beijing is fine this morning, and the sunshine is coming early in the morning.

  Today and tomorrow, Beijing's heat will further escalate, and the maximum temperature will exceed 35℃. Specifically, it is expected that Beijing will be sunny and cloudy during the day, north wind will turn to south wind 3 or 4 and the maximum temperature will be 36℃; at night, it will be cloudy and cloudy, south wind will be 2 and 3, and the minimum temperature will be 25℃.

  Tomorrow during the day, Beijing will turn sunny and cloudy, with a southerly wind around level 4, with a maximum temperature of 38°C.

  The day after tomorrow, the temperature in Beijing will return to below 35℃, but it is still relatively hot. The maximum daytime temperature will remain between 30-34℃ during most of the next week.

  Experts remind that Beijing is currently in the first high-temperature blue warning this year. The highest temperature is higher than 36℃ for both days of today and tomorrow. The ultraviolet ray is very strong, and the south wind is obvious in the afternoon. Please pay attention to the sunstroke and sunscreen. Fire.